Children’s Dentistry in Redwood City

Family Dentistry, Redwood City

Gentle, comfortable & knowledgeable family dentistry

Dr. Dinh provides services for the entire family, and especially enjoys helping young children get the high-quality dental care they need. We make an effort to educate your kids as they receive treatment and will guide them as they learn how to take care of their teeth.

Dr. Dinh can start seeing your children for dental work around the age when they start losing teeth and as soon as the child is comfortable seeing the dentist. She understands that all children are different and have different comfort levels and is very good at helping them relax.

Our friendly services for kids

Family Dentistry, Redwood CityOur friendly and experienced staff encourage your child to learn the basics of dental care and try to make it a pleasant and educational experience for them while they’re here. We show them educational videos and talk to them about dental care in simple terms.

Our hygienists make learning good dental habits easy and fun. They give hands on instruction with a giant tooth brush and model of the mouth to demonstrate proper brushing and flossing techniques and other dental hygiene practices.

From the moment a child’s first tooth is lost, tooth care becomes an important issue for parent and child alike. This is when you and your child should visit Dr. Dinh to get expert advice on preventive care and how to optimize your child’s dental health as they grow and mature.

The exam begins with a basic series of digital X-rays if needed. Then comes a visual exam, where Dr. Dinh inspects each tooth and checks the health of the gums. Dr. Dinh gives them a little tooth brush and prize and sends them home healthy and happy.

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