Dental Bridges in Redwood City

Dental Bridges, Redwood City

Natural-looking, non-metal Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges, Redwood CityA dental bridge is a fixed dental restoration that is used to replace one or more missing teeth in a row, and is supported by the patient’s existing teeth. They are a convenient solution for replacing a single missing tooth or larger gaps of two or three missing teeth.

Dr. Dinh is experienced in planning and placing natural-looking dental bridges. She prefers to use all-porcelain material for bridges because it looks and feels like natural teeth.

Options for missing teeth

Dental Bridges, Redwood CityIf you have one, two or a few teeth missing, there are other options to dental bridges that can work well depending on your situation. For many teeth missing or all teeth missing, Dr. Dinh recommends dental implant-supported bridges. These are bridges anchored in place by dental implants, giving them more strength and reliability.

 Dental implants to conserve your teeth

In order to place a dental bridge, adjacent teeth on both sides of the missing teeth need to have crowns placed on them so that they can be used to hold the false teeth in place. The teeth which are crowned are called the abutment teeth. These teeth require a cutting down, or reduction, of natural tooth structure in order to fit the crowns on them. When possible, Dr. Dinh recommends dental implants to replace one to two missing teeth instead of cutting down healthy tooth structure in order to support a bridge.

Dental Bridges, Redwood City

Generally, the more missing teeth there are, the more abutment teeth are required to support the restoration. In cases with three or more missing teeth in a row, Dr. Dinh recommends using dental implants to help support the bridge.

When a Bridge might be a better option

While providing more bite strength and support, dental implants do require sufficient bone in order to be placed. Patients with an insufficient level of bone often need bone grafting or sinus lifts (lifting the sinus cavity by adding bone the base). This can pose various problems for diabetics who have slower healing rates, or people with other health issues. In these cases, a bridge might be the better option.

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