Full-Mouth Restoration in Redwood City

Full-Mouth Restoration in Redwood City

Dr. Dinh explains all of your treatment options and answers any of your questions about full-mouth restoration.

Restore your teeth to full health, function and beauty

A full set of healthy teeth not only looks nice when smiling, but actually helps to maintain optimal oral health and functionality. Dr. Dinh uses her extensive knowledge and experience in restorative dentistry to return your mouth and smile back to a healthy and attractive state. She stays up-to-date on both her continuing education and technology to ensure you get the best treatment she can give.

If you have broken or chipped teeth, missing teeth, unattractive gums, extensive tooth decay or other conditions of poor dental health, Dr. Dinh can help rebuild your smile by using gentle and effective restoration techniques.

Precise diagnosis and thorough treatment planning

Full-Mouth Restoration in Redwood City

Dr. Dinh will prepare a comprehensive treatment plan based on accurate diagnostics.

At the beginning of your restoration treatment, Dr. Dinh will conduct a thorough oral examination to determine the condition of your teeth, gums and mouth. Then depending on her evaluation she may need to take a series of digital X-rays to see the internal structure of your teeth and jawbone. This is important in determining which type of restoration treatment is best depending on factors such as bone levels.

Dr. Dinh will then explain your treatment options and the certain techniques she uses for each one. She can describe all the benefits of each procedure in detail, and answer any questions about your restoration treatment. She prepares a written treatment plan that is clear and easily understood, then you decide how you want to approach your smile goals.

Preserving your natural teeth

Dental restorations are strong and dependable; however, the strength of a natural tooth is unmatched. For this reason Dr. Dinh tries to save as much of the natural tooth structure as possible in order to give your dental restoration the most strength and support.

Our Full-Mouth Restoration procedures

Full-Mouth Restoration in Redwood City

Dr. Dinh uses wax-up models to make an accurate restoration from a mold of your teeth.

Full-mouth restoration can require several procedures to return your teeth to full health and function, and no case is ever the same. Dr. Dinh considers each patient as an individual with unique factors and she comes up with the best treatment plan to suit them. She has a variety of techniques and procedures available to restore your smile, including:

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