Mouth Guards

Mouth Guards, Redwood City

Protect your teeth

Mouth guards are used for various reasons, whether it’s to keep your teeth from becoming damaged from clenching and grinding during sleep, or to protect your child’s mouth while playing sports.

While many stock mouth guards can be purchased from your local department store, they aren’t typically recommended by dentists because not much can be done to adjust how they fit. Dr. Dinh makes high-quality, custom-fit mouth guards for her patients.

High-quality sports mouth guards

Protecting your teeth while participating in physical activities is important to prevent tooth injury by trauma. Dr. Dinh recommends wearing a customized mouth guard as the best way to keep teeth safe from chips and cracks. With a custom mouth guard you or your child can play sports and do other activities without worrying about damaging teeth.

Night guards to prevent teeth grinding

Mouth Guards, Redwood CityIt’s not uncommon for people to clench and grind their teeth while sleeping. This is known as Bruxism, and it can wear your teeth down and damage them over time. Another side effect of teeth clenching is jaw pain and headaches. Dr. Dinh recommends a custom fit night guard that is made from an accurate impression of your teeth to keep your teeth from becoming damaged from clenching as you sleep. She provides her patients with mouth guards made of high-quality material that is both effective and comfortable.

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