Testimonial, best dentist, Redwood City“I heard about Dr. Dinh on Yelp and saw that she had great reviews. The condition of my teeth was good at the time, but I wanted to come in for a checkup. Dr. Dinh is super friendly, very professional and caring. She has fantastic skills and services. I feel that Dr. Dinh and her staff really care about helping me improve my dental health. As a result my teeth are cleaner and healthier.”


Testimonial, excellent dental care, Redwood City“Having dental work done has never been an experience that I looked forward to. As a child I hated going to the “Family Dentist” to be tortured, and as an adult some of my past dentists have not considered comfort as important as I do. To my pleasant surprise, Dr. Dinh at Avalon Dental places my comfort at a very high level of importance. She goes the extra step to assure a pain free encounter. The quality of her workmanship and expertise in the field of dentistry has exceeded all my expectations.

“Dr. Dinh’s staff consistently maintains a friendly and professional demeanor and reflects her commitment to providing the highest level in all aspects of her services. I have been a regular client since my first office visit over four years ago and continue to find complete satisfaction with the dental care Dr. Dinh provides. I sincerely hope she does not retire or move out of the area because she would be very difficult to replace.”


“I have been seeing Dr. Dinh for a few years now and have been very satisfied with my experience at her office. Dr. Dinh and her staff are so friendly and professional, and always put me at ease even when I’m undergoing a big procedure. Her injections are gentle, and I haven’t had a single issue with any of the dental restorations I’ve received. In short, Dr. Dinh has my highest recommendation.”

Dr. Anne Lee

Testimonial, caring and professional, Redwood City“I enjoyed the way Dr. Dinh treated me and the thorough job she did in keeping my teeth and gums clean and healthy. I appreciate how professional the office is run, and that Dr. Dinh and her friendly staff treats me and every patient in the most comfortable way possible. The benefits of seeing Dr. Dinh has resulted in optimum oral hygiene, great looking smile and knowledge of how to take care of my mouth on my own.”


Testimonial, best dentist, Redwood City“Dr. Dinh is friendly and gentle and I am able to relax while I’m in the dental chair. She makes me comfortable throughout the procedure. She has extensive knowledge, uses the latest technology and provides me with enough information for me to make intelligent decisions about what I need to have done and does not push inappropriate procedures or rush my decisions.

“I first found out about Dr. Dinh when I was referred by my previous dentist. I went to see her and soon found that she was personable, maintained a clean office with all the latest technology and had a friendly staff. Dr. Dinh is nice, understanding, gentle, knowledgeable, friendly and caring. She takes care of my whole family. The staff makes an effort to make us all feel comfortable and well taken care of. They are professional in a warm, friendly way. Dental work makes me nervous, but once I get in the chair I’m able to relax because it’s not an uncomfortable experience with Dr. Dinh.”


Testimonial, excellent dental care, Redwood City“I decided to visit Dr. Dinh because my office was nearby and she had very good ratings. At the time my teeth were generally okay, but I hadn’t been to a dentist in about a year. I liked that the office was efficient and that all procedures were done with no problems. The staff is friendly and efficient. Dr. Dinh identified long-standing issues and gave me a list of options to pursue when it was convenient for me, then we started working through them one-by-one. We’re not done yet but everything so far has been great.

“Dr. Dinh’s staff is always friendly, professional and fast. It’s clear Dr. Dinh runs a tight shop by the efficiency present in everything from scheduling reminders, to operating with the latest equipment and staff professionalism. In addition, things are always on time with no unexpected delays or scheduling changes.”


Testimonial, caring and professional, Redwood City“At Avalon Dental, you will find a courteous, helpful and professional staff that is very involved with treatment presentation and coordination of care with other dental specialties. My experience with Dr. Elizabeth Dinh and her team has been nothing short of excellent as she achieves a high standard of patient and professional care in modern dentistry. As an oral surgeon, it has been a pleasure working with Dr. Dinh on complex restorative or implant cases that require collaboration from dental specialties. More importantly, she is a warm and compassionate person who is deeply committed to providing the best dental care to her patients.”

Dr. Linda Lee

“As a local endodontic specialist in San Carlos, I have enjoyed working with Dr. Elizabeth Dinh and her patients. Dr. Dinh is known for her professionalism, caring approach towards her patients and excellent dental care. I have experienced this firsthand based on conversations with our mutual patients who have all spoken highly of their experience with her. As a colleague, Dr. Dinh has impressed me with her interest in the latest advances in dental technology and staying on the forefront of dentistry.”


Testimonial, best dentist, Redwood City“I first heard about Dr. Dinh from a friend and coworker. The condition of my teeth at the time was causing pain – an inconceivable problem that no one would fix. Initially, my teeth were colliding when talking and eating. I visited Dr. Dinh and she comforted me by telling me that she could resolve the problem. Dr. Dinh made me the correct night guard and she convinced me my problem would be corrected. I like that Dr. Dinh is respectful, friendly, comprehensive, thorough and gentle. The best dentist ever! Her friendly staff helped me understand the problems with my teeth. The benefits are now I have a beautiful smile and a super fantastic and comfy night guard. I live in San Jose, CA and I happily drive in traffic to see the best dentist in the world. I will live happily ever after with Dr. Dinh!!”


Testimonial, excellent dental care, Redwood City“I love Dr. Dinh and her staff – they are super friendly and efficient. Dr. Dinh’s office is located in a convenient location and has a wonderful atmosphere; it’s one of the nicest practices and the most pleasant dental experience I’ve had. I first came to Dr. Dinh after having some bad dental work done. Dr. Dinh set up a treatment plan and works with my insurance company. I’ve not had a bad experience since, or had any problems with insurance billing! Since I started here I have been VERY happy!

Dr. Dinh is so competent and up-to-date on the latest procedures. She’s very friendly and I always enjoy visiting. I’ve had two teeth crowned in front, which has improved my smile and my confidence! I was very nervous about crowning my front teeth but Dr. Dinh reassured me and gave me other options. When I finally decided to continue with treatment she did a spectacular job! I couldn’t be happier – the color matches perfectly, and she also corrected some unevenness in my front teeth! Thank you Dr. Dinh!”


Testimonial, caring and professional, Redwood City“Each time I visit Dr. Dinh, all the staff is very welcoming. They are always smiling and help me as quickly as possible. What an amazing staff! I always have an amazing experience. Dr. Dinh is always very positive, full of energy, and funny! Regarding the treatments, she does a magnificent job. I am very satisfied with all the treatments so far. I love how Dr. Dinh always communicates any dental work and really explains why she has to do a certain job. That way, I’m always informed. Lastly, I am extremely happy how my teeth are white because my dentist takes care of them!

I found out about Dr. Dinh while searching for a dentist at my school directory. My teeth needed to be cleaned and have a few cavities filled, plus I had previous fillings with unattractive gray filling. Her office was near my house and in a great location. She is extremely easy going, fun, cheerful, professional and a great dentist! I love everything about the practice. I love to sit down and relax while I get any dental work. My mouth feels clean and it is clean. I always get compliments about my smile because of my white teeth!”


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