New Patient Exam

New Patient Exam, Redwood City

Meet Dr. Dinh to discuss your smile goals on your first visit to our office.

Friendly and knowledgeable dental care

New Patient Exam, Redwood City

Our receptionist will help you with your paperwork and patient information.

On your first visit you will immediately notice that we have designed our office to make your experience as comfortable and relaxing as possible. Our friendly staff guides you through your visit so that you feel welcomed and well taken care of as you receive your dental care treatment.

New Patient Exam

The new patient process is easy, pleasant and convenient. After some brief paperwork is finished you’ll begin the process of diagnostic work, then move on to planning your treatment with Dr. Dinh.

Digital X-rays

New Patient Exam, Redwood City

Digital X-rays are faster and use less radiation than traditional X-rays.

The first part of your exam includes a full series of digital X-rays. These X-rays use a lower dose of radiation than traditional X-rays and transfer images to our computer instantaneously. The image quality is superb and allows Dr. Dinh to get a better understanding of your mouth’s condition. Dr. Dinh reviews the X-rays and explains any problems she finds.

Oral Exam

Once the X-rays are completed, Dr. Dinh will examine your gums to see if there is any existing or developing gum disease. An intraoral camera is then used to give the patient an inside look at their mouth while Dr. Dinh does a tooth-by-tooth inspection.


New Patient Exam, Redwood City

The intraoral camera displays high-resolution images on a computer screen for easy viewing.

After the digital X-rays and the oral exam are completed, you and Dr. Dinh will discuss your treatment options. Once you have talked about your dental health goals, Dr. Dinh will print out a recommended treatment plan.

$29 Limited Exam & X-rays

This special internet offer is for a limited exam with Dr. Dinh. It includes:

  • Limited oral exam
  • Limited X-rays of problematic areas (bitewings)
  • Detailed review of X-rays with Dr. Dinh
  • Get your questions answered
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